Canopy of Hope Addiction Treatment

Canopy of Hope addiction &Dignified Recovery Path

Drug addiction is a complex disease. It is a chronic, relapsing brain disease and involves a combination of ecological, physiological and historical factors. It is not voluntary behaviour and is often fatal illness.

At Canopy of hope, we focus on offering dignified recovery and healing of addiction through drug screening counselling sessions and interactive activities to help you heal and prevent relapse.

The canopy of Hope Treatment and rehabilitation centres is affordable for the majority of Kenyans. We operate under National Standards by NACADA treatment and counselling.

The addiction treatment at the canopy of hope spreads over a duration of 90 days. The first 30 days our patients undergo the orientation, self-awareness, psycho-education, and spiritual steps to lay the foundation towards recovery.

After that, the patient undergoes 30- 60 days of self-concept, personal inventory, psycho-education science of addiction and life skills. This encompasses a variety of approaches which may include psychoeducation, group therapy, family therapy, specific behaviour therapies to prevent relapse, involvement with a self-help group, residence in a therapeutic community or halfway house, vocational and survival skills training. There is an expectation of social reintegration into the wider community.

On discharge, it entails structured 3 months aftercare and individual sessions. It involves a broad range of community-based service supports designed to maintain benefits when structured treatment has been completed. It may involve a continuation of individual or group counseling and other supports like self -help groups.